grazing boards

Create your own tapas board from the following selections. 

Each board comes with fresh bread, crunchy crackers and an assortment of delicious seasonal accompaniments.





Vintage Cheddar
Tasty, sharp and crumbly

Chilli and Lime Cheddar

A fiery kick of chilli and the zesty citrus zing of lime 

Buffalo Feta

Creamy feta marinated in garlic and olive oil


French style, very soft and creamy with a nutty flavour



Rich and creamy with a distinct 'blue' character

Truffle Cheddar

Cheddar infused with truffle oil, black truffle
and mushroom salsa


Mixed Marinated Olives (V)
A mixture of crisp Greek, French, Spanish and Italian olives marinated in a mix of spices, garlic and olive oil

Grilled, marinated and roasted vegetables (V)

A delicious combination of eggplant, capsicum, peppers,  artichokes and fresh asparagus.


A selection of 3 dips - check at the bar
for today’s flavours


Tartufo Salami
Italian style with an exotic addition of black truffles


Spanish styled spicy sausage, served heated


Duck Terrine

Coarse style duck, minced with pistachios and fresh herbs, wrapped in meaty bacon


Delicate and thinly sliced Italian
dry-cured ham

Smoked Salmon

Kiln fire smoked Huon Tasmanian Salmon

Walnut Paté

Housemade chunky walnut pate with green apple, rosemary, parsley and thyme

Cashew Cheese (V)

Vegan friendly & house-made, smooth, spreadable, zesty and nutty

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